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Are you looking for Knowledge Base Software? We've got you covered! We offer the best Knowledge Base Software in the United Kingdom, Britain, UK.

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Brands love Knowledge Base Software

Knowledge Base Software is widely used among the biggest brands and companies in the United Kingdom, UK, Britain.

Why use Knowledge Base Software? Help Docs?

Help Docs, Knowledge Base, Help Center are the best solutions to reduce the number of incoming repetitive inquiries by 80% & offer 24/7 Self Service Customer Service!

Knowledge Base Software Deals with customer issues

Knowledge base is a great platform to easily deal with issues. It provides you with many different ways to resolve your customers' issues. First you should research what it is that they're saying. Then, you can give them a solution in a very timely fashion. One way to do this is to respond to their request as soon as possible and that's why Knowledge base is the best way to deal with your customers' inquiries. Knowledge base has a lot of different ways to quickly and easily resolve their issues.

24/7 Self Service Customer Support

Knowledge base is a widget that allows users to ask questions and receive answers. It is a powerful tool for helping users understand your product or service, and can potentially reduce support calls and emails. When a user opts to ask a question and is met with a quick answer, it builds trust in the company that runs the Knowledge base and may increase yearly subscriptions. Knowledge base can be an invaluable asset to any company or website!

Create useful Help Docs Content to assist your customers

Knowledge base doesn't get much attention. Most people don't know exactly what it is and how it can benefit them. Knowledge base is a simple and effective way to provide answers to questions that are normally asked by your target audience. For example: let's say your target audience is people that are interested in buying your software, or the product you sell online. As you can see in the example above, you can create a very helpful piece of content that answers the question of how to do it. After your target audience finds this in your knowledge base, they will be more likely to purchase your product or visit your site.

Self Service Customer Support 24/7

You might find it difficult to make your help center website live and available 24/7. But not with the Knowledge Base Software. You have come to the right place. With our help center builder you will get the necessary functionality and modern design to help you make your customer stay in your website with ease. Following the latest trends and innovations, we have created a solution that you will be able to smoothly integrate into your software or system and it will be available at the touch of a button on desktop, tablet or mobile device. Your potential customer will be able to surf through your website or system with ease, will be able to find answers to their questions and will feel supported by your product. It's also a great way to boost your customer service.

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Knowledge Base Software Help Articles

When you run a small business, customer support is vital. You have a unique product or service that customers are interested in and they want to learn more. Having a customer support centre is a way to keep track of customer feedback and enhance customer service. This customer support software tracks customer tickets and answers, while also allowing customers to create, edit, and share customer support documentation. This support documentation software will greatly improve the user experience and you'll have an easier time growing your business as a result. Knowledge Base is a great solution for having a central area on your website where users can get more acquainted with your brand, ask questions, and search through detailed information. The editor is easy to use and packs a lot of features that allow you to have a lot of control over the output. Knowledge Base features also include a full-blown support ticketing system and an automated customer engagement process that helps to monitor users' behavior and collect customer support data.

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Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Help Center Site Customization

Help Center Website Builder is a revolutionary software that is directly coded in HTML5 and JavaScript. It is platform-independent, cross-browser compatible (it can run both on Mac OS X and on Windows) and it allows the user to create help websites and documentation in the blink of an eye. To use the software, all that is needed is to enter your website's homepage address and it will create a help site on your domain. You can also customize the editor and every page to your liking and you can also publish it on your website, so that anyone that is not familiar with the Help Center Website Builder software with Knowledge Base Software can also use it. Help Center Website Builder. No need to waste time on technicalities of website building anymore! Cross platform on desktop or mobile device your customers will be able to find answer to their questions, solutions to their issues or contact you via ticket(email). No coding, no design, no headache!

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Knowledge Base Software Analytics

Make sure you're keeping tabs on your site's analytics to ensure that users are finding what they need. If you're finding that you're getting a lot of traffic to pages that aren't very helpful, it's a good idea to look for what your users are searching for and write about those topics. It's also important to understand what kind of vocabulary your audience is using to better cater to them. In fact, you might find that writing a few articles specifically targeted toward users with certain vocabulary profiles could give you an interesting new angle to approach your site from, which could have positive results. Writing a great knowledge base is something that many businesses are looking to do. By having a great knowledge base, that can be a great resource for your users when they have a problem. But you have to remember, while it's important to have a great knowledge base, you have to make sure that the right people are finding it. Sometimes, you'll have to write a new article to cover a search that you're seeing users do. This can be a good opportunity to find out what's wrong with your product, and it can even be a way to increase conversions if your users are able to get the information they need! It is a good idea to also consider the types of searches that the users are searching for on your knowledge base. If you're trying to establish a site that focuses on a specific niche, usability testing can help ensure you're getting good results from the search term. If you see users leaving without finding any content, it might be worth writing a new article to cover those top queries.

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Can't find good Knowledge Base Software for your Business?

Do you want to reduce your support tickets? Do you run a growing business and want to make sure the experience of your customers is the best it could be? Then you need a knowledge base solution - specifically one that is not only beautiful and easy to use, but also powerful! By adding a support widget on your website and blog, you're making it easier for your readers to reach you and get the answers they need. When you're managing a business that sells products, you need to provide the customer with their most efficient way to get help. It's a responsibility we all have. However, it sucks having to log all these things. It interrupts work flow, and it feels like an extra chore. Instead of having to manually log issues, wouldn't it be better to have a no-hassle way to enter them? That way, you can focus on what you need to do for your customer. Your customers will thank you for it! If you'd like to learn more about our website building services, please visit our website.

Top Choice for Knowledge Base Software in UK

Solving common problems for your customers can be a bit of a hassle for small business owners. Having some kind of knowledge base can be a great way to reduce the load on customer service representatives! Plus, customers don't have to wait around for answers to questions. They can go to your website and search for them! Having a knowledge base will make your customers happier and increase loyalty for your business. If you're interested in having a knowledge base solution for your website, then check out Knowledge Base Software (KBS)!

Knowledge Base Software is trusted and used by companies all over the world, including United Kingdom, UK, Britain.

Teams of every size, shape and kind have are already using Knowledge Base Software, Help Docs & Help Center to offer 24/7 Self-Service Customer Support to their customers! You might not realize it, but if you run any sort of business, you need to have a knowledge base solution. Not only do they make it easier for your customers to figure out how to use your products and services, but they also make it easier for them to contact you when they have questions and reduce the amount of support tickets you receive. Content is key when it comes to knowledge base solutions. The more articles you can have, the better chance you have of your customers finding the answers they're looking for. The support widget is also a very important feature, because it makes it easy for you to see how many people are viewing your articles. With this knowledge base solution, you will cut down on your support tickets and you can scale easily. You can set up the knowledge base solution to be a mobile-friendly knowledge base, which will make it easier for your customers to access from their phone. The support widget is a great way to showcase what you're offering and this will reduce your support tickets even further!

The Best Knowledge Base Software in UK

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